Today we filmed part of the documentary, we went back to stores and they didn’t have the equipment available we needed, apparently other students from other courses didn’t bring the equipment back on time. This was so annoying as we booked the equipment out and still unable to get the stuff we needed. I think stores need a new system or even to have more filming equipment available.

Due to this problem, we used Danielle’s camera and tripod. I took my canon as well but it’s not the best quality. There was an issue with the sound equipment that we had to try and use from stores, so we just had to get general shots and sound that the camera captured.

Filming actually went well considering and we had most of the shots we needed, for the first sequence in the documentary. We have arranged to do the next lot of filming in the next couple of days at mine.

The footage we gained today we are both happy with and I’ve set up a Premiere Pro timeline up and added the content over to my laptop and imported it to the project files.

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