Continuing with Editing

We continue to edit the project, where now up to 7 and a half minutes by what we’ve accomplished today.

I had an idea on doing a split screen. We both agreed it was a good idea but Danielle was unsure on how to do it. Therefore, I said I would do it. I remembered that elements but to get my skills better I watched ‘YouTube’ tutorials. It seemed not too difficult to do, but then we wanted the footage to slide in and out of frame too. I said I could do it. We wanted one side to speak then freeze whilst the other side spoke.

To be honest I like a challenge and wanted to do something other than just fades.

Self Initiated Project – Evaluation

For the self-initiated project I believe I did really well considering my medical situation; the lack of leadership and communication from the group.

The group was no existent really as most sessions involved just one or two of us because people decided not to turn up.

I believe that the more reliable people should have stepped up to be editor. It was clear that Fallon had no interest in the subject so didn’t make much effort. If I had not had an operation I think I would have taken the role on.

Normally I love working as a team but this group in particular was so frustrating. I don’t know if it was because they didn’t care or just because they couldn’t be bothered.

An issue I had was that I wasn’t sure what content everyone had decided to cover, so this meant that work could have been duplicated which is a total waste of time.

I multiple occasions I tried to get in touch with the group to find out the situation of who was covering what but there was no response or a sarcastic comment made. I messaged a few members of the group separately and gained a response. The communication was very limited.

I expressed to the group that we have to start working together if we want to get this project completed and to a high standard but people just moaned. It’s like they gave up and that didn’t seem fair to the two/three of us that wanted to do well and put the most effort in.

After putting off work for a while whilst I recovered from my operation I then got myself motivated to finish the work I had started and too started of more work. I focused on myself and what I wanted to write about. In the end I didn’t consider what anyone else was doing because deadlines were not going to wait and I wasn’t submitting anything.

I planned my time out well using Gantt charts but this was messed up with me having to take time off. When I returned I felt extremely panicked and felt I have a lot to do in a very short amount of time.

The most difficult piece turned out to be the best in my opinion, things didn’t go to plan but I had thought about contingency plans in the event of something going wrong. It was a news piece about a Victim of sex trafficking and exploitation. It took a while for the victim to get back to me, then when we filmed the interview; there where sound issues. Also, the re-film had to be done by an actor due to the individual not having time to re-meet me. This wasn’t too much of an issue as we had the transcript from the first interview.

I managed to create 8 pieces of content for the website and I feel like I have done a nice variety of things. Some of the things I have done include; videos, news pieces, breaking news and features.

If I was to improve anything about my work would be to create more multimedia elements to go with them. I felt pressed for time in the last three weeks as I had to juggle the different pieces of content due to me having time of for my operation and recovery time.

Overall, the self-initiated project was very challenging as a result of the group not pulling together and not communicating. I felt like I was organised but feel like I should have stepped up as editor or deputy editor and took charge. I am so disappointed overall with the project as it was such a struggle and still to this day I am not sure how much content the group have overall to submit. My pieces where really interested in doing and I feel I did the best I could have done under my circumstances.

Error noticed on the Title/facts Video

Watching back my finished video I noticed that I didn’t make all the relevant changes that was suggested to me in the peer feedback.

I made changes to spellings, changed a word at the end and made the facts stay on the screen longer.

I forgot to flip the facts graphic so that it makes it easier for the audience to read the fact and so that it makes sense.

I also noticed that through the exporting stage the facts have jumbled themselves up and not they way it looks on the premiere pro timeline. This is an issue that needs addressing. I don’t know how or why that has happened. I spoke to Lee the technician guy and he had no idea either, he said to just re- export it to see if that sorts out the issues.

If I have time before the deadlines, I will go back to this an make this slight change. It wont take to long to do but its just if I finish everything else first. If I don’t get chance, I still have this version to submit and it still looks good and I would just say if I had longer that it could be improved further.

Starting the edit

Danielle came to mine today and we started editing the footage together before she came I had already set up the project file and imported all the content we needed. I created bins and labeled them and filed the footage accordingly. This meant that footage later will be easier to find.

When she arrived we went back over our proposal and treatment and verbally discussed what shots we should use where.

Today we only managed to edit the first 4 and a half minutes together but it was a good start.

Refilming – Trying on Clothes Sequence

Today we refilmed the content in which we lost due to the SD card corrupting. We managed to get all the shots we needed and everything went fine with the filming. It was annoying having to redo it all but it needed doing. I thought of additional cutaway to which we didn’t have before, we may not use them in the edit but at least we now have more choice.

I transferred the footage straight away and everything was fine.

Profile Piece- Professor Gary Craig

Professor Gary Craig, working life has been devoted to the NGO sector, in large-scale community development projects and he spent a huge amount of time within academic studying.

He has accumulated many qualification including, BSc Dip Ed Dip CW PhD AcSS FRSA. In 1991, he finished his PhD at the University of Bradford.

Prof G Craig said: ‘I hold the world’s first Chair in Social Justice and am Director of the Centre for Research in Social Inclusion and Social Justice.’

His major research interests are in ‘race’ and ethnicity, social justice, community development, poverty and inequality and local governance and has published widely in those areas

Prof Gary, has about 250 publications in total and these include; books, chapters in books, journal articles and research reports.

Some of the books he has written are, ‘Understanding “race” and ethnicity”, Child Slavery, the Community Development Reader, and Social Justice and Public Policy.’

He Chairs the North East Regional Race Crime and Justice Research Network, co-convenes the Modern Slavery research Consortium and is a Trustee of the Tutu UK Foundation.

His life’s work has helped to expose, understand and educate people about the issues surrounding modern slavery; he often speaks out about common forms of Modern day slavery in the UK, and addresses what they are, widespread concerns and new fears.

In his spare time, he enjoys unwinding by doing various activities including; walking, bird watching and singing.

He wanted us to create this website to help expose what is still happening today in the UK. The aim of the website is to be informative, educational and on the pulse. The pieces of work should have elements of multimedia.


Feedback on Profiling Piece (Prof. G Craig)

I haven’t managed to go into HSAD today as I am unwell, therefore I cant go and physically see Carmen to gain face to face feedback. I have tried to send an email to ask however, my laptop keeps coming up with error issues. As time is pressing on I am worried that I wont have chance to see Carmen before my deadline. Due to this I am just going to submit what I have for the piece, this is better than not submitting anything. I have checked my grammar and spelling, I have asked peers there opinions on the piece and how to improve it.



Interview Day

Today we met up with Lyn who agreed to speak on film. We used Danielle’s camera again as stores didn’t have sufficient equipment. We set up in a quiet room. As a contingency plan, we used phones to pick up on the interview too.

The questions we asked in the interview were not planned out. Danielle and I had a discussion beforehand of what we could possibly and what we wanted to come out of the interview.

I think the interview went well, the woman went off on tangents and it was difficult to get her to stay on the topics we were after. The interview didn’t take long which was good.