Planning Second Story write up

Now I have my multimedia for this story I now had to focus on getting the written piece to go with it. After having a discussion with my tutor and a fellow student, it came to my attention that I was best not just regurgitating what the interview involved. I had a plan to have a few quotes that would lead the audience into wanting to find out more.

I need to have a title, an intro that poses a question to the reader, facts that back up assertions. So I will need to do some research.  I then want to make people aware of what sex trafficking is and who are the more likely victims are. Then lead into my victim story and add the multimedia and finish it off.

The reason behind this structure is because I want data to be the main focus in the write-up and then go on to the victim’s account. I have also seen other cases where this structure has been used by some¬†professional journalists for online newspapers.

By having this structure it will help me to put the written piece together and save time. If this doesn’t work then I could change things around. I want to get a draft done this week and submit it for some feedback so that I can make amendments. Once, the amendments are done I will then submit it again. if it is all ok then I will add to the group’s blog ready for it to be placed into the website layout.