Editing Victim soundbite for my second story for the OOTS website

So to edit my interview, I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the sound and clean it up. I choose to use this software as I have used it before and feel comfortable with the editing tools available.

The first step to this was to transfer the soundbite from my phone to my laptop and then open up Premiere Pro and import it to there. Then once placed on the timeline I the right clicked on the footage and unlinked. This allowed me to get rid of the unnecessary video footage captured.

I then moved my focus onto the soundtrack. I used the razor tool to erase sections of the sound clip that was irrelevant or not needed. I managed to get rid of some of the questions I asked to help make it run smoother and seem as if the individual was just tellingĀ her story, I also got rid of the awkward pauses and any imperfections.

Once I was happy I then rendered the file and exported it as an MP3 file and then uploaded it to SoundCloud so that if could be embedded on the website.