Issues Due to Equipment

Me and Danielle decided and planned to spend the whole day filming for this project and to make things easier we booked and took out the equipment that we needed the day before. I wanted a Canon 60D as well but they said there was none left. Therefore, we had to use just the one camera.

However, on the day of filming we realised and issue, we couldn’t connect the microphone we had to the camera because we needed a cable jack or an adaptor.

We went back to the stores, they didn’t have any in or even available from the stores. We were told to use a JVC camera to capture the sound of the filming. As predicted due to previous experience, we were unable to get the JVC to pick up the audio and record it and we tried to use two different microphones.

As a result to the inability to record quality audio for the documentary we decided to reschedule filming for another day.

I think it is the general consensus that students are really annoyed and frustrated with the lack and broken equipment stores has. I think that it should be more well equipped for our course requirements, it seems like there is no equipment available when we need it due to other courses taking the equipment out. As students we shouldn’t have to keep buying it for ourselves and it’s frustrating because it makes it difficult to do work. Danielle has ordered the things we need online, I am struggling financially so I’m not in a position to be able to afford the equipment. Hopefully it will arrive in time for us to meet out deadline.