Tips for freelance writing and job hunting (notes)  

Don’t be afraid to communicate pick up the phone, go into the work place or set up a meeting.

Initial letter – here are my ideas, 3 clever ideas. Give contacts details because there could be money to be made. 

Lots of self discipline and good money management. Make sure deadlines are adhered to. 

Communicate regularly with clients and contacts. Drop them an email

Writers may be interested in a event MAy 10th PPA event is taking place big industry branches will be there. Magazine writing based 

Develop contacts and target areas that you want to work in, get your name know. Build a portfolio. 

Keep evidence from all conversations with contacts so that if anything is wrong then you can say well I have it in writing what you asked for and agreed to. 

Look on gorkana as it has lots of job alerts advertised. It’s has niche, online/ digital, corporate magazines and internships. Big magazines. Around the country opportunities. 

Be open to job possibilities, don’t limit yourself. 


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