Interview re-done for the second story for the OOTS Website

Today I planned to meet up with 2 people to make sure I capture the interview again. I learned may ways on how to improve the sound quality as things did not go to plan the first time around.

On arrival, I wanted to make sure that I had a better place to film as this will help to reduce the surrounding noise and help to get a better sound bite. In the end, I decided to ask my tutor to use his office if possible. I was given permission.

At the time when they where supposed to meet it turned out that only one of them turned up this was my back up person and not the actual victim. I was prepared for this and had make a transcript of the previous interview, this meant that the performing arts student knew what to say.

I also set out some guidelines and made sure what i wanted it to be conveyed like.

I asked that she should make it sound not too robotic and like she was reading from a script. Also that she takes breathers in between each question and added emotion into it. I said to imagine if this was you. We did a number of takes as she was nervous and made a few mistakes. To make her less nervous I ended up talking about her hobbies and she gave us a tune from a gig she recently performed at. Once she was more settled we did 2 takes all the way through and it went really well. I was so pleased and grateful she gave up her time to help me out.

I ended up using my own equipment and relied on mobile journalism techniques. My phone was used along with a microphone accessory (semiotics). I believe that this equipment works really well and is reliable compared to the equipment I used out of the stores last time.

I finally got the take, I was looking for and then turned to editing it.



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