Creating Feature Image to go with my second story for the OOTS website

To create the feature image, I knew that it had to relate to the subject matter. I’ve seen many crime documentaries which show victims been pixelated out or silhouetted out to help keep their identity under wrap. My source doesn’t want to be seen on camera so, I made a decision early on to just get the sound bite. Now I’m wanting it to be more visual on the website so the idea of taking someone’s image then silhouetting their face will help the audience to understand the legal issues and possible risks of her coming forward. It creates the mystery of who is it. Do we know that person? Could it be the person you pass on the street?

The image I will use won’t be the woman in the story but that doesn’t necessarily matter as you will only see the shape of the person anyways.

The image I chose to use was an image that I took last year of a member of the group. I then opened it in Photoshop. I duplicated the layer 3 times. Next, i click on the quick selection tool and selected the face area of the image. Once I was happy with the results I then followed key steps.

  • clicked on the image drop down bar, adjustments and altered the exposure, levels, colour contrast.
  • I then clicked refine edges and was able to smoothen the edges and create some contrasts.
  • then deselected area and changed the hue and saturation and colour tones until happy
  • The image wasn’t complete yet I wanted to include text and it to be embodied in an outline of a box. rasterising the shape allowed me to erase parts.

The end product is:

place holder.jpg