Update on Progress of News Story (17-04-17)

To be honest I haven’t gotten very far with this piece of work. I’ve had lots of work to catch up on over the easter period. It’s hard juggling to the workload with all of my medical appointments.

To help me get back on track I have created a plan and schedules for when I predict to have things completed by.

My plan for this project is:

  1. research subject area/field (06-03-17)
  2. look at potential story ideas (06-03-17)
  3. choose a story and angle
  4. write key information in note form (27-03-17)
  5. understand aims and objectives (27-03-17)
  6. get quotes using contacts (17-04-17)
  7. Draft piece (17-04-17)
  8. Make changes due to feedback (24-04-17)
  9. finalise and submit (01-05-17)
  10. Reflect (01-05-17)

It is evident that if you look at the points above and my other blog posts, it is clear that I’m behind my plan. Only a few of these points have been completed. One of my main focuses for now until May is to try and attend as many sessions as possible, I need to battle through my illnesses. The best thing for me to do is to try and get ahead of the schedule and get a draft handed in for feedback as soon as.

Right at this moment in time I am really unsure whether I am going to have something to submit for this project.

Creating Contacts

For this project, it is key that I look and create good contacts that will be valuable to gaining key information on topic areas that I will be writing about. The contacts could be those who are experts in the field, the council, companies, & charities and the police.

To build my contacts I emailed Gary Craig and explained some areas that I was going to write about and to see if he knew any people I could contact. He also said that he would send me through some of his files when he can on the topics.

I also emailed and rang a number of charities some of them forwarded things like newsletters, press releases, and general background information.

Over the next few weeks, I hope that the people I’ve contacted will get back to me, I will chase them up if no reply, by ring them.