Making a transcript for second news story for OOTS website

As I explained I made a transcript out of the first interview with a victim of sexual exploitation. This was just of everything that was spoken. This will help me as a journalist when writing up the article to go with the sound bite. I do not want to regurgitate everything that is said in the interview because that would be pointless. however, because I may have to redo the interview, different things may be said in a response to a question or key quotes from the first time will possibly make it into the written side of things. The key quotes may help to shed light on what it was like to be subjected to horrific events or help to make sense of something.

This was also a positive thing to do as its in black and white if I fail to meet up with her again. this maybe due to time constraints, people being busy or not being able to be in the same place at the same time


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