Springboard content for the OOTS website

Springboard content is really useful, it allows people to branch out of one website to another based on the similar content of the subject matter. It also helps the users to gain a much bigger insight into the topic and shows them other people’s work. It is clear that we won’t gain extra marks for the self-initiated unit as we have to produce content ourselves. however, springboard content will help to improve our mark for our creative futures part of the project with Sally.

A Guardian Is Accused of Holding 2 Teenagers Captive in Queens for Years

Child sexual exploitation offences increase fivefold in Manchester

Report by Labour MP Ann Coffey finds there were 714 recorded offences in Greater Manchester in 2016, up from 146 in 2013

Child sexual abuse: Agencies to get £40m funding boost

‘I came to the UK and I was turned into a prostitute’ – trafficked women share their horrific stories

Hundreds of girls rescued from traffickers in Britain are snatched back and forced into prostitution

Victim: I was 4 when my dad started trafficking me

Freedom from slavery and forced labour

Palm Oil: Global brands profiting from child and forced labour

‘My father chose me for himself’

Josef Fritzl trial: Daughter Elisabeth describes 24 years of abuse

AP interview with court-appointed psychiatric expert in Fritzl case

ABC Gang sex trafficking, victim speaks out

7 Shocking Cases of Modern Day Slavery


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