Progress on first story for the OOTS website 

I feel like the first story has really come along. I had the draft version written and submitted for feedback before I went in for surgery. 

Since then amendments have been made which really helped with the structuring and wording of the piece. 

The deputy editor also had a conversation which I’ve already discussed in a previous post. He said: the piece needed more immersive content. So it’s not just text on a page. 

I had plans for a photograph to be in it which will be taken by me. This image should help to set the tone and give a small gesture to what the story maybe about. 

This image has been planned out but will be produced over the Easter period. 

Also plans to get an interview with a surgeon or consultant or someone who has gone through a transplant is underway. I have explain the issues I’ve been faced with so far with this and waiting to find out if I can do an interview. So far this has gotten nowhere.

I also want to add tags to key words within the piece which will help the audience to branch out to spring board material around that word. 

Overall I am happy with how it’s going but feel I now need to hurry the piece along and start to focus on the next piece of work or else I won’t get the grades I want from this project. 

The end product should have:-

  • Headline- plus a stand first 
  • Main body story 
  • Image linked to story 
  • Interview (hopefully)
  • And links to spring board content 

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