NHS press office update for my first story for the OOTS website 

I have contacted the press office on numerous occasions and seem to be getting nowhere. They have said the person that I need to speak to is out the office and they asked for my name and contact details, so that he rings me back. That never happened. I rang back sorry he has gone for today he will be back in on Tuesday. 

I will be ring up tomorrow again and hopefully I will get somewhere this time. It is frustrating as the deadline is getting closer, content for the website is needed and as of yet I have not a lot to show for my efforts. It’s not through a lack of trying. I am planning my schedule well but things seem to be slowing down my progress meaning that I’m finding it hard to stick to my Gantt chart. 

Not giving up and positing Should help to get the ball rolling and hopefully soon things will come together. 


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