Over Easter Plans

Due to my time off I have a lot to catch up on and get done. I was really relieved that Easter has come around now as this time can be spent wisely.

The first thing I want to do is contact the press office back and get something sorted for my first story. I need to confirm whether or not I can get an interview with a surgeon. I also want to contact my interviewee for my second story, to find out when we can meet up again. I also need to arrange contingency plans in case this falls through.

After this I will rewrite or make changes to the written stories to make them better, I will use the feedback I’ve received to make key decisions about the structure and phrasing.

Throughout blog posting my progression. I won’t be blogging the story content as we’ve been asked to keep it unwraps until the website is launched.

Once happy and if finished, I will then move on to the next thing I need to catch up with or start something else for this project.