Issues when filming the sound for the second story for the OOTS website 

On the day I met with my source, they agreed that they wanted to go ahead and answer questions whilst being recorded. It all seemed to go to plan.

However, once it was all done and when I went to listen to the footage back I noticed really loud popping. I tried to use editing software like pro tools and adobe audition to try and eliminate the excess noise in the background and the popping. I think I made it worse and made the error of saving the changes I had made to the original files. This was a bad error which I should avoid by duplicating it and by creating two separate folders. Only working on one and keeping an original backup.

Because of my issues, I had to scrap it. As sound quality, because anything but the high professional quality just won’t cut it if we want to win the competition and get good marks. Even though I can’t use the sound bites I did make a transcript of the interview so that if the person could Not re-meet up or didn’t want to do it again I had written content of what they said.

I felt stupid that I made such an avoidable mistake. In the future, it will help if I plan a quieter place to do the interview and check all equipment works to that near professional standard. I should have also pressed record on my phone so that I had another place where the audio would have been recorded. As by duplicating the file once transferred to the computer will help to avoid the basic mistakes.