Update on progress of feature piece (Week 9, 03-04-17)

Since deciding on health as my specialised area and what it will be about. I have read up on lots of different example of similar stories, this will help me later on as I’ve been able to identify similarities and differences between them. It also highlighted the structures they follow and the language that is used.

I made a plan for my feature –

  1.  research subject area
  2. look at potential stories
  3. write key information and facts in note format
  4. understand aims and objectives
  5. get quotes using contacts
  6. draft piece
  7. make changes due to feedback
  8. finalise and submit
  9. reflect

Up to now I would say I’m up to stage 3. I have done the research stage and I have picked a news angle. The key information will help set the base for my story, it will need expanding into something greater. I will need to use my contacts and build up my contacts to gain enough information to get to the work count.


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