Statement of Intent for my News Story (Week 9, 03-04-17)

For my news story, I have decided that the specialist is that I will be focusing in will definitely sport. Sports journalism is hugely popular with more and more demands. The recent Olympics and Paralympics has raised the profile on the athletes and the different sports.

On more of a local level, Hull is very well known for sports. This is because we have a divide between the east and west hull areas. As a result, we have two local rugby teams. There is also a football team in the premier league. Clubs for all different sports are available for people to participate in all over the city.

The story I have chosen to do is, Local wheelchair sports team have high hopes for the new season ahead.

Publicity is key for this specialism as it helps to raise the profile of the different sports and those who already take part. It could be a piece about successes and failures, key rules, states, profiles of athletes and much more.

Getting quotes for the piece will help inject a human aspect and the audience may be able to connect to the person. It may even inspire people to get involved.


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