Possible interview for my second story for the OOTS website 

As a journalist, it is crucial that we protect our sources who give us information. I have a source which said that they are willing to tell there story of having being sex trafficked and exploited. The individual has asked that her name be changed for privacy and security reasons and due to this not to go on camera.

After, persuasion I managed to convince her to speak to me through a voice recording. I said I could manipulate the sound bite to sound differently and that I would cut any content which could lead to jigsaw identification. This made her feel more comfortable knowing that she could tell her story but still have that privacy.

I’m hoping that on the day she won’t back out and still agree to go ahead with my plans. If this happens I have contingency plans. This would be to still have the chat but off any filming and do a write up based on it. This would have less impact and wouldn’t be as interactive/immersive on the website but would still work.

To do the interview I will hire equipment out of stores. 


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