Group meeting and discussion of work whist I was off

Whilst I was off the group met up and Fallon the editor made a written document so that people in the group understand what each person is doing. This will help to cut down on duplication piece of work and so that we all know what stories have already been taken. The editor set a deadline for the 6th April. The deadline was the first piece of work for the website.

I wasn’t aware of the deadline date until I returned to my studies, however, there won’t be an issue with me getting some work submitted. I have made some changes to the written piece and need to still make a few more. Once this is done I can submit the written piece and add more content for visuals later. This will be a video and an image.

I read the plan that Fallon had made and to prefer it looks bare, members of the group have nothing besides their name. Through other discussions, it is clear that some do not know what to do and haven’t even started any of the work required. This is bad as deadlines are fast approaching and the website will end up looking bare at the end if we all don’t start communicating better and start to get work finished.


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