Reason behind my second story for OOTS website (idea and planning stage)

When looking at the different areas of Modern slavery and ones which have already been covered for the website it was clear that we didn’t have any first person accounts of these issues. It was clear through research that sex trafficking and exploitation is still happening to this day.

For this story/feature, I want to uncover a real-life victims story bring to light what they went through and where they’re at now. This should be a very gripping piece if I get a person to agree to tell their story and be open about some of the harrowing ordeals that happened to them.

This type of person profile will help to inform, educate and highlight hard news and open people’s eyes.

Plan for story

  1. Research subject area
  2. Pull out key facts
  3. Find a real life victim willing to do an interview
  4. Edit footage or sound bite
  5. Draft piece
  6. Make changes due to the feedback
  7. Think about making it visual
  8. Make visual content
  9. Put everything together as a finished package
  10. Submit



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