My observation on the group so far 

Ever since the group project started, I knew that there would have been issues with everyone pulling together and working as a team. The main issues are communication, lack of effort and motivation and everyone getting together in one place at one time.

To be honest I’ve had medical time off due to an operation so slightly feeling out the loop but I’ve been told I’ve still produced more work than most so that says something when I had 2 and a half weeks off. I actually want to do well and think we are so capable off producing something incredible but it has to be a group effort and not just left to 3 of us what actually turn up to the self initiated sessions and seem to be more dedicated.

I feel so disappointed where we’re at so far with the deadline fast approaching. We should have content nailed down and that just isn’t the case. It’s annoy and frustrating.

Like I said communication is shockingly bad. As people do no turn up to sessions it’s hard to keep a track on exactly what everyone is researching about or even what work there producing. As a result of this we’ve noticed that on more than one occasion two people have researched or started something the same and that’s unnecessary and a waste of time frankly. I also find this frustrating as I want to be able to figure out what areas I can do but without knowing what everyone else is doing, it makes it virtually impossible. To be honest I have 3 stories I’m going to explore but it depends on how long they take and how interactive I make them to whether I’m going to need others to focus on.

I’m hoping as a group we can get our act together and start performing to the best of our abilities. However, only time will tell, I mean I don’t think some people in the group are dedicated and actually want to be on the course.

My point is if you don’t turn up why are you paying for an education and getting into debt.

I’m really disappointed in the editor and deputy editor in the sense that they don’t seem to be cracking down on those who have not produced any content or those who just don’t turn up.

I felt really patronised by the deputy editor on the day I returned to my studies after being on medical leave, he spoke down to me as if he was superior and as if I was a child. He didn’t ask where I was at or what I have in the pipeline. He made some good points which I have taken on board most of that what he said I was already going to do but he didn’t give me chance to say. I think he comes across as aggressive at times and he doesn’t seem to listen to others. He made me feel inferior in my writing abilities as he said something like you should listen to me I have more writing experience I know what I’m talking about. I just wish he spoke to people better because you can see he wants people to do well and get the project finished to a high standard.


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