Meeting Emma Jones and Alex Duffy Viking FM presenters

Today was really insightful, hearing first-hand what it’s like to be a radio presenter and how busy the job is. Emma was really excited to let us understand the importance of being yourself and them ways in which helps people to open up. The importance of this as a practitioner is that these people who open up may say something which could lead to a story. Being yourself is key as this will make others more comfortable and feel at ease when talking to you. It also shows a human side which people connect with.

They spoke about being in radio and what it meant to them individually, it was nice to see people being successful and getting to where they want to be. This shows that if you want something and work hard it is achievable.

Alex Duffy said: “never settle always find something to strive for, I wanted to become a breakfast presenter and that happened now I’m thinking how it can be better, how can it be bigger, and what can I do next.”

He also mentioned how putting yourselves out there can really help to create better prospects and land a career.

Overall, I thought that it was a great opportunity and let us ask questions to someone in the industry. I thought it could have been done earlier in the year as we’ve got loads of projects and deadlines coming up and this time could have been put to better use so that we have more chance of meeting these deadlines.

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