Templates on WordPress

Personally, I think WordPress is a good web builder it has a variety of free templates and templates that you can buy as well. I think it is very simple and easy to put something together. However, when looking deeper into a few templates it showed limitations, this is because we have already planned how we wanted the website to look. The limitations was ultimately a factor which made me think this wasn’t the right platform for this particular project.

If there wasn’t a better option then, we could use a template we would just have to shuffle the content around to fit the template. I still think we could make a professional and eye-catching website on WordPress.

I looked at many templates including Loren (free), Apostrophe 2 (free), Dyad 2 (free), Maxwell (costs), Baskerville (free), Ixion (free)


All had limitations, to be honest, some you couldn’t add videos into or you could but you had to get separate plug-ins. The free templates weren’t very flexible I found out through more research, and after trying them out.

Maxwell, in my opinion, was the most suitable for the website if we choose to use wordpress. It has the tiled format the group asked for, it was simple to embed the content and looks really professional. The only problem is if the group are against paying for the design.


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