Notes and analysis on mending the leaky bucket

During today’s session, we were introduced to the issues of the leaky bucket. It was referred to by ‘the curse of the single page visit’. People who go to a website tend to stay on it for around 30 seconds and leave, without looking at further content. Many websites and blogs often have this issue.

How do we capture an audience –reducing the bounce rate?

  • Create and email newsletter – it allows us to gain information who subscribe to content, this helps with contact building and helps you to tailor content. A plugin called mail chip is free and allows people to subscribe.
  • Have a related posts section at the bottom of a story. This will people stay on the site and read more, links will also allow people to bounce to springboard content or other content within the website.
  • A comment section allows interactivity from people. However, before posted it is key to moderate what people are saying. This could save legal issues and problems occurring. Once accepted the comments can lead to debates and to give other ideas for future content, interaction is key as people like to have their say, polls, for instance, will make people come back for results.
  • Social media sharing options are key in today’s society, it allows people to share content and help to follow content, meaning more likely to see new things when posted on the website. Multimedia helps to engage audience longer.
  • Keeping up with analytics will help to identify key information like visit rate, most popular times for people viewing content, most popular stories, locations.

When developing the modern slavery website further and for other future works, all of these methods will be imperative so that we keep audience’s attention and so that we don’t have the curse of the single page visit.

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