Group discussions (WordPress, Wix and Strikingly)

In this session which only I and Danielle turned up to, we discussed the wireframe of the website we want and the possibility of 3 different web builders. These are Wix, WordPress and Strikingly. Sally was going to explore the possibilities of Wix, Danielle was going to explore the possibility of using strikingly and I was going to look into Wix and the different template options. After Easter, we will bring what we have and put it forward. Whichever is the most appropriate and looks the best we will go with. If none work then we will have to try more options. We also spoke about how we were to look for springboard content and if we thought it was good enough, we could worry about getting consent later, this is so we don’t have any copyright issues. Sally wanted us to attach them onto padlet, also putting the links on the blog.


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