People walking down the streets past shops in the city centre with a voice-over introducing the topic with facts and statistics. It explains how people are having mental and physical problems because of body image problems and how the stores are not helping to make people feel better about their size or image. Also how a size 16 for example in different stores are different sizes.

The person who the film will focus in on will walk down the street and walk into a shop. The person will walk around the shop browsing at the different items for sale until she finds something she likes. She pays for the item and leaves.

The person then walks down the busy shopping street and enters more shops in the form of a fast forward montage. She then ends ups with multiple bags of clothes at the end after walking out of the final shop and walks off out of the camera shot. Fades to black. The person gets into a car and drives off home. The car drives out of shot then reappears when they’ve reached their destination. They get out of the car and go into their home.

In a piece to camera: The person then speaks to the camera and says she’s going to try on the clothes.

Then the clips of her with the clothes on play through with split screens and as she explains how they fit the brand logos appear in each shot.

She states how the sizes can be totally different in every shop and how frustrating it is to go clothes shopping.

In a short interview with a medical expert: it backs up how the person may be feeling. The expert gives out key information about the health and emotional wellbeing of people who are disparaged and have body image distortions. Black screen roles key facts in titles.


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