Recently, I had an operation and required a minimum of 2 weeks off for recovery purposes. This, however, impacted on my work as I had to put this to the back of my mind. I just returned to my studies and I am now finding it difficult to pick up where I left off. I tried to do some blog posting. I had one story started and two others which I had in the pipeline.

To be honest I am not as behind as I thought I would be and know for sure that I have done more than most in my group.

As I was really organised leading up to my operation I was able to get a story written up and asked for feedback on it. I knew that there was going to be things that I needed to change and add in, but because of my time restraints, I thought submitting something was better than nothing. I thought over how I was going to make the story more interactive and visually appealing on the site but never had a chance to set anything in concrete before I went in for my operation. The ideas were to have an image which I will take. It will be someone holding something which says ‘not for sale’. Also, I thought about doing an interview with someone who has had a transplant or who is on a waiting list. Or even a surgeon. This will help to give my feature balance. Also, make it more credible if I have someone high up in the medical profession backing up what I say.

I was given the feedback but as my operation was the day after, there was no time for me to go back over it and amend it. After my operation and time out it made it harder to make sense of the notes in the feedback. I am going to have to get fresh feedback in order for me to understand how and what I need to do to make it read better and improve it.

Overall, my health is causing issues with my studies as I have to have days off when because I am in too much pain and can barely move. This means that I can never really plan things out to a tee as I never know if I’m going to be able to make it into HSAD or to interviews. I do feel that the tutors support me the best they can but I do feel that sections of the degree are not so accessible for someone who has a physical disability. For instance, I can’t do work experience as the course doesn’t supply a helper/PA for it. I require one for personal and physical reasons. I’ve even approached Social Services and applied for a PA, however, they said that budgets have been cut and that it should be down to the place of education to provide the necessary support for me to be able to complete course requirements. To be honest, it feels like the book keeps being passed back and forth, so I’m not getting any closer in doing work experience.

My disability also makes it harder to get around when needing to go do interviews. Getting places is difficult as I don’t have the support out and about. This means that I am limited to getting people to come into HSAD in order for me to be able to do them.


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