Potential news stories (Week 8, 27-03-17)

After speaking to some of my contacts. I have gained information about what’s happening in the local sports scene, I was informed of events that have just been and others that will be taking place in the next couple of months.

Some of the information has given me ideas that could be translated and expanded on for a news story. Some of these include:

  • Nominations are now open for the disability sports awards. Get a vote in before it’s too late. Categories include female and male sports players of the year and best sports club.
  • Issues with funding for specialised equipment which is forcing individuals to quit sports.
  • New season about to start for the wheelchair rugby team.

Each news story idea serves the same aims and objectives. this is to inform, educate and entertain. The structure will hopefully follow the inverted pyramid structure, this means that the 5ws will be in the introduction. the audience should be able to read the first couple of paragraphs and know the story. Other key information and quotes go next, finally, any other additional information goes near the end. The start of a news story is key as it needs to draw people in to make them read on.


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