Just returning after operation, problems because of this (Week 8, 27-03-17)

This semester has been particularly challenging for me, due to my health being poor. As a result, I have missed lots of the sessions because I have just been too ill or in too much pain to get into the uni. This has created problems throughout all my ongoing units, I feel like it has put me at a disadvantage to the other members of the group. I’ve found it especially difficult now I’ve returned after my recovery time from my operation as I feel out of the loop and don’t understand elements of the conversations taking place.

whenever I’ve had time off I always try my best to catch up. I approach the tutors to find out and ask for handouts and other information from the sessions I’ve missed. I feel pressured by other members of the group to have work already produced for the website and other units. The tutors seem to be more understanding of my situation.


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