Talk and Q&A with Sarah Colley

Meeting Sarah Colley was insightful as she gave good suggestions for further topic areas within the realms of Modern Day Slavery.

Sarah Colley is involved with the freedom talks and other events similar and comes across as really focused and knowledgeable. She also is from Hull University.

The day consisted of use doing a task where we had to write down key areas of modern day slavery then explain what we knew of the area of slavery. To be honest, this part wasn’t that engaging and pretty pointless as we had already conducted research and got to grips with what we went back over. I guess it was a refresher.

The best part about Sarah coming in is that she answered a few questions I had. Also, she brought in some videos that highlighted key scenarios that can happen with slavery today. It gave us an insight into how others are choosing to cover and expose the issues and how they approach sensitive and bold content. The video where used for campaigns and advertising to raise awareness.

The best video which she showed use was very gripping and pulled at the heart strings, it makes you ask questions like ‘ does this seriously still happen this way today’ etc. It was about a homeless man who was offered a safe place to stay but as a result, he was then trapped and made to work for no pay. It was interesting to see how the producer of the video filmed it and how he got the message out there to the audience.


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