Statement of Intent for Feature Piece (Week 5, 06-03-17)

For my feature, I’ve decided that the specialised area I want to focus on and learn more about is health. Medical journalism is hugely popular and widely reported on worldwide. The coverage of this style has been criticised by many for being misleading or inaccurate. 

As a practitioner of this, I will check all information is true and accurate and showcase both sides of the coin if needed in the piece. This will help me avoid creating a biased piece.

The feature story that I have chosen to write about is; local care firm fails to provide a service to vulnerable people.

I believe that this is of public’s interests to put this story out there, especially after another care company in the area has been shut down due to the service they provided. I think have something that could be really good and expose and highlight the shortfalls of the company.

I will have to take a rain check before getting content together, my operation is coming up and I require time out from my studies. 


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