Self Initiated Project – Work

For the first piece of work, I wanted to produce an infographic which is relevant to the topic of modern slavery. The reason for wanting to produce it was so that the website could be visual and in turn, will help the audience to take in information through a different way rather than just a written block of text. The end product could potentially be used as a lead image on the page or to back up a piece of written content.

Firstly, planning was key as it allowed me to scribble down multiple ideas of what the pay layout of the infographic could be like. From the start, I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and what I wanted to include typography, an image and a smaller logo. I wasn’t sure what details would be in the graphic but I knew the separate components would help to make it as visually gripping as possible.

These are a couple of my quick sketches. The boxes with the cross through it are where the images would go and the box with the lines in, are where the text would go.


Once I had a design plan I was happy with I then turned my attention to the actual content I was going to have.

Professor Gary Craig who is well known for his work around social justice and bringing to light issues surrounding trafficking, came to uni to do a Q&A and I remembered him saying something. I wrote it down as I thought it was catchy.

He said: “We thought slavery was a thing of the past, we haven’t been paying enough attention.”

This was perfect and something I thought was gripping. I wanted to get rid of the word ‘enough’ as it acted like a filler. I wanted to be creative and put the skills learned over the years into practice by producing my own font type. To do this I used Adobe Illustrator to do this, I used shapes to help me create each letter. I remembered key tips when creating the letters. I was told to created boxes all the same size and fit each letter to the dimensions of the box. This ensures that each letter is the same weight and size throughout.

Here are the block techniques. It looks really basic but it helps to give a product a much more professional feel by using it.

block design1.jpg

Once, I am happy with each letter I then placed them together to create words. I knew that I didn’t want the text to follow the same paths throughout so to do this I selected all and dragged it across to Adobe Photoshop. This allowed me to further adjust and place things where i wanted in the sequence. each word had its own layer, this made it easy to identify if i needed to move or adjust something.

The end result of the typography is

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then next thing I considered was a photograph, I had two ideas. one in which was hands bound with rope and the other to be someone holding up a not for sale sign. I took a fair few images but didn’t come across one which I liked. therefore I looked online and found a royalty free image which you can see below.  It was in colour so I opened the Image in Adobe Photoshop and manipulated it until it was visually good. There was stuff in the background which I wanted to eliminate. I used the quick selection tool to selected the background and filled it back and then used the hue and saturation effects to take down the colours in the image left.


I then wanted something to signify it was to do with modern slavery. So a small logo would help. it was simple to create – I used a royalty free image of chains and locks and then just added text. The text was simply ‘Modern Slavery’

small logo

Final Design

Overall, the result does reflect that of a professional standard in my opinion. I tried to use all the techniques ive adopted in the last few years. I know would use the open software of think link to further the audience experience by allowing them to get more out of the flat image and potentially branch out to other websites.





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