Research for Potential Ideas for News Piece (week 5, 06-03-17)

Having done lots of news stories over the last year and a half and from conducting market research. I understand the structure and language used when writing a news story. News stories are generally on the pulse so have to be current, they have to be grabbing for the audience. The introduction of a news story has to be strong enough for an audience to be able to get an understanding of what the story entails. The 5 W’s should be high up. when researching I will have a look into the different news specialisms to find out which I think I could do best and also do something that is of interest to me.
I have an interest in sports and as hull has a fairly large sports culture it will be not so difficult to find something happening. As there is lots of sports happening locally it makes it more personal to the locals and will also be easier to make and talk to my contacts. Quotes will add depth. 

At the moment, I don’t have a clue what to write about so I’m going to start by making a few phone calls to find out what’s going on. Once I have a few ideas, I will narrow it down to just one and think about who I want it to be aimed at, where it could be published, what angle to write it from etc. It gives me lots of room for thought. 


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