Maritime Museum exhibition reminisces on Hull’s sea heritage

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Maritime Museum exhibition reminisces on Hull’s sea heritage

3 March 2017

Hull Maritime Museum are hosting the fourth exhibition by the Yorkshire Ones this weekend, writes Chelsea Sparke.

The craft and media group consists of nine artists all of who took inspiration from Hull’s docking heritage.

The main inspiration for the exhibition is three ships, which have relevance to Hull.

These ships are: ‘Resolution, Morning and Viola. Each has an amazing historical past and Yorkshire Ones want to keep their memory alive by informing others.

Captain Cook used the Resolution ship on his second and third voyages. The Morning ship was the relief vessel for Scott’s discovery expedition to Antarctica and The Viola ship is Hull’s only remaining steam trawler.

Councilor Terry Geraghty, Portfolio Holder for Culture and Leisure and Chair of Hull Culture and Leisure Limited, said: “This is a fascinating exhibition that explores the history of three significant ships that have connections to Hull. There will be many artefacts on show, with intriguing stories behind them.

Jocelyn, Collections Manager at the Maritime Museum says how amazing the exhibition is for Hull and hopes it will have a good turn out.


The exhibition highlights a hand-embroidered replica waistcoat made from bark cloth, which James Cook’s wife had planned to make for hi to wear to meet King George III but did not finish after his murder. Hull woman Alison Larkin has travelled to Australia to research it.

The event is free to attend and is running until the 28th April 2017.



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