Research and Plan of Potential Ideas for Feature Piece (week 4, 27-02-17)

when researching I will have a look into the different areas that is of interest to me and I will also consider what I think I could do to my highest standard. Areas I want to look more in-depth at are:

  • Sports – I have a true passion for sports, I find sports articles and reports the most interesting. As I like sports the most, this gives me an advantage as I’ve read loads of stuff what’s already been done. Plus I already have built up a large contact base. This also gives me a disadvantage as I may get too close to the subject at hand.
  • Health – Health is an important subject for all its a part of everyday life and it helps to educate, inform and highlights key information. This style of writing is seen to be positive and negative.
  • Travel – This would take me out of my comfort zone but I think it would be interesting to do. I’ve only personally started travelling abroad in the last two years and think it’s incredible but also difficult. I believe this is due to me having special needs.

I’ve done research and come up with some possible story ideas, for instance;

for health, it could be –

  1. a feature about keeping fit and healthy whilst being wheelchair bound.
  2. a feature about a local care firm failing to care for clients which are most vulnerable.

for sports, it could be –

  1.  issues still faced in the world of disability sports
  2. the importance of inclusion clubs and sports
  3. how yearly competitions help mental and physical health

for travel, it could be –

  1. issues with travelling abroad if an individual have special needs and where the best places to go

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