Meeting Prof. Gary Craig

Meeting Professor Gary Craig was really useful and insightful as he is an incredibly knowledgeable person. Also it was nice to actually meet the client for the self initiated project. 

We filmed the Q&A that he did with the group and one member edited it later together for us all. It was really long and some bits where not as important so in the edit it was chopped down. 

He highlighted key areas that we may not have thought about and some leads to possible content. He also gave out possible sources and information of whom we could contact. He made some comments which later could be used as quotes for the stories. 

The bad part of the day was that a few of us prepared questions that we wanted to put forward but because the deputy editor took control, we didn’t get to ask. I found in parts the deputy editor spoke over the client instead of letting them finish. This stopped flow and momentum of what Gary was saying. I wish I was able to ask the questions I had. There was also time restraints with Gary as he is an incredibly busy man and that was the only chance for a while we could have face to face contact with him. This makes communication harder as we are now reliant on emails if we need to ask or find out anything.


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