All websites have some form of navigation whether that is from the simple scroll or menu navigation bar right at the top, which helps to lead the audience from one page to another. The types of buttons we will have:

  • Menu navigation bars
    • Home
    • About
    • Features – article about topic
    • Blog – work we have done through the pre production stage of creating the website.
    • Contact

This may be used as a one page website that allows users to jump to the sections they want too or a more complex multi-page website that users can navigate to. Personally, the group think that one page would be most efficient and easier for the audience to navigate. But we’re still in the design process so this may be changed through discussions.

  • Scroll navigation, this will help to move around the page


  • Call to action buttons which are really useful as it helps the user to get involved and have an immersed experience.


  • Hyperlinks through to other relevant information on our site or even to other sites with similar content.


  • Social media buttons – This could help the audience to get to know what where about and follow other work we do.

Written by Colton and Chelsea


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