BJTC website of the year 2016

The BJTC award 2016, the website of the year was Journalism student George Deveraux. The website focuses on the ways some people live in the UK. It was a unique and insightful approach that takes a broad social view on how different types of communities can shape lives. The website was called ‘A Place to Call Home’

link to the website is here –

The website was very simple and conveyed the content George wanted to get across to the audience well. This was because it had a great use of navigation. Such as a menu navigation bar, call to action buttons and read more buttons. These help to take the audience out to different sections of the website. There was also links to social media sites.

The website was built within WordPress. This I think was a great choice, however; there are many more templates he could have used to increase the impact the content had on the audience. The one he has used is very clean and plain. This is a positive but I also think constructively it doesn’t catch the audience’s eye. I think it could have included something to grip the audience’s attention.

There are things in which I believe could have been done better. The appearance of the websites name could have been improved by better typography/fonts and I wouldn’t personally of added the stroke to the font either.

As a result of seeing the winner of 2016 of the category my group have been entered in, helps us as we can see what worked well and what could be improved. Also, allows us to look at the standard of the work and strive towards making a better website on our topic.


Written by Chelsea




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