Second ‘Industry Reflection’ (Threat of Fake News

Fake news poses threats for Journalists around the world –

Fake news is, deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news — often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect. (1) In today’s society, fake news is becoming much more prominent, it is circulation the internet. The content poses a huge threat to journalists and companies everywhere as audiences are misled into believing the information they read. Fake news can lead to people formulating ideologies which in turn could be defamatory and incorrect.

Audiences are becoming less inclined to believe in journalists as they question if they are trustworthy and reliable sources. Journalists are not the only people who spread fake news, the internet is open to everyone and it is easier to get your content out in the open. It does not matter if it is false information. “It is easy to get sucked into a bubble that is actually completely different to the real world – and a long way from the truth.”(2)

‘Fake news is not a new phenomenon it has always been circulating’ (3), as a result of there being a huge rise in fake news, it has left people wondering whether what they believe about a topic to be true.

Fake news can lead to propaganda, a great example of this is WW2, and they spread propaganda through the uses of posters and radio broadcasts. They mislead young men/boys into believing that there was a great opportunity for them by signing up to join. They made it sound good, however, in reality, war is brutal and not the opportunity many was believed to have. Posters were also used to upkeep morale or wartime spirit. They made it clear that everybody was in this war together and everybody had an important part to play. This also helped the public to feel involved. (4)

Corporations are trying to cut down and help to stop the circulation of false news. They have other agencies looking through content, they can help identify false news and can block or ban information they deem to be inaccurate. For instance, Safari and Google are just two for these corporations. (5)

In conclusion, I do not believe that fake news will ever be a thing of the past, but if people have more understanding of where the more reliable sources are then it will help to reduce the negative responses journalists get.

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