First ‘Industry Reflection’ (Vogue vs Bloggers)

Senior Editors at Vogue magazine have been criticising Fashion bloggers for their conduct at Milan Fashion Week.

Bloggers have hit back at ‘outdated’ mainstream journalists. Who’s right?

Vogue is the world’s number one fashion magazine. With a female dominant target audience. According to media kit, the target audience is “81% women and aged 16-40” It does break down further based on demographics and social status as well (1).

In modern day society, the world is becoming much more digital and it is so much easier to get content out to an audience. This could be through social media apps, blogs and even other platforms. It could be argued that journalists feel threatened because of it been so open to really anyone, who wants their say.

Sally Singer, the magazine’s creative digital director wrote, “Note to bloggers who change head-to-toe paid-to-wear outfits every hour: please stop. Find another business. You are heralding the death of style” (2). This got the backs up of many bloggers. Many other comments were made which got a hostile response from both fans and bloggers. As a journalist, it can be seen that Vogue editors have a point if anyone writes or posts about a topic who knows if it is factually accurate. Journalists have a job and if others can do the same thing at their own pleasure, then we have to ask ourselves is there a future for the media?

Sarah Jones, writer at Luxury Daily explains that fashion bloggers have larger followings. Creating an identity or brand for themselves. She says, “While it may seem that fashion bloggers are losing their luster, they still have large followings that can rival magazines, creating an opportunity for luxury brands to reach a large, fashion-focused audience” (3).

This is significant as if this is the case it must make magazines feel threatened and probably why they declared a war against the fashion bloggers. Bloggers are looked upon by a young generation to gain styling tips and advice.

In conclusion, it may be seen that Vogue is out of touch with the society of today and need to either reconsider their strategies on pulling in an audience or as the times reported, they should “get back to their Werther’s Originals” (2)


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