Reflection on Review

Planning what my review was vital as planning helped me to save time, help structure the piece and help with any relevant research into the topic. When researching for ideas, I noticed that there where a lot of gigs happening in the local area. I wanted to look for something a bit different.

In the end a friend told me about an event in that was taking place in the local area. The friend who I was told me about the event was Danielle Hayes. The event was about a music journalist who was discussing her new book that has just been published.

I decided that, this would be good for a review as it was local, so easy to get too and would make a good review. We had to try and get something free as a part of the assignment so I approached the place the event was going to be held, explained the situation. I received free entry for my friend and me.

I believe that my review would be best suited for a website called ‘Browze Magazine’ this is because they cover similar events and styles of reviews. I believe that my review will mainly appeal to those who have an interest in Journalism or Celebrity gossip. Another thing is because it is a local website and the event was held in Hull so will appeal to them.


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