Reflection on First Person Interview Piece


My first person interview was with a retired Paralympian called James Roberts. He was someone who has had an interesting and successful life within the disability sports scene. I came across the story through having a conversation with a friend, who knew him. I first contacted him over ‘Whatsapp’ and explained who I am and what I was doing as a part of the course. As a result to this I persuaded him to do an interview with me and answer a number of questions i though would be interesting for a news topic.

The type of feature I wanted to create was one that would be typically seen in specialised sports magazines (for instance ParaHEY) or ones, which could be used online as a long form piece. The demographic of my feature is to mainly aim at young teens and young adults who are interested in disability sports. I believe it would attract both male and female audiences as disability sports is more equally talked about. In comparison to abled bodied sports which focus more on it been male dominant. If I had to put an age bracket on my target audience I would have to say 16 – 35.


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