Third ‘Industry Reflection’ (Survival of print)

How can journalism survive the decline of print and what are the dangers of a growing democratic deficit in local reporting?

It can be argued that journalism can survive the decline of print, however, there is more evidence to back up that there isn’t a future for print. I agree with this as  There are many reasons that print is in decline. Some of the reasons are Aging Audience, Impractical, Cost, Literacy, Wasteful and The Internet. Print hasn’t adapted enough to today’s society needs, people don’t seem to want to pay for newspapers as there are other ways around getting the same information and quicker than the papers can get the news out to the audiences. Social media has impacted the print news industry as it provides news at the reader’s fingers and free of charge. “people don’t like to read, recreationally or otherwise. Newspapers endorse literacy implicitly on a daily basis. Granted, the industry is aimed at the least educated-types for a reason, as people don’t often have the attention span to sit down and absorb a single thing.”


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