Final Version- Kardomah94 Event Review

Kardomah94, Alfred Gelder St. Hull

Thursday 9th November 2016

Kardomah94 hosts ‘The Humber Mouth Literature Festival’. This small intimate venue was the perfect location for the event to be held as it helps to create the sense that the audience is almost part of the action.

Tonight’s event, The Humber Mouth Literature Festival: Interviews Sylvia Patterson, she is one of pops best-known journalists and has been in the business over, 30 years. In the 80s she was writing for Smash Hits. Also in her career she was a writer for some of the most well-known papers and magazines including; NME, Q, Sunday Times, The Observer, The Word and The Face.

During the talk, Sylvia gave readings from her recently published memoir “I’m Not with the Band”. Which explores her rock and roll lifestyle and her interviews with some of the most famous superstars and celebrities including The House Martins, Kylie Minogue.

She spoke about an encounter she had with Prince in 1996, who she referred to as “The Purple Perv”.  She was given the opportunity to interview Prince, “it surprised me when he came into the room, he was a lot smaller in person.” She said he was utterly bonkers and there wasn’t any real communication because there was no eye contact. She said they talked about silly things like washing up and wearing household marigolds, he dropped in that he does wash his dishes. He asked Sylvia “do you think people will mind if they find out I’m ordinary.”

‘I’m Not with the Band’ is a captivating and extremely honest memoir, that showcased the lifestyle of the journalist and the role she fulfilled over the years, she explained how she smoked marijuana and took to drink and drugs with celebrities in order for her to fit in and get the most information from them.

The account is written deep emotive way with elements of wit. She spoke about her life which made it humanised and helped others to relate to her. For instance, her mum had an addiction and she herself battled a long addiction with drink and drugs. She explained how her life was like a roller-coaster but now is back on her feet. This book gave her a focus.

The staging of the event was minimal with just a few pieces of furniture, which really allowed you to focus on the discussions taking place between Dave Windass and Sylvia Patterson, with very little distractions. This helped the audience listen to what Sylvia had to say.

The talk touched upon some very culturally and important subjects within the industry of journalism, creative freedoms and how the platform has evolved over the last three decades. Sylvia spoke openly about how she feels about the future of journalism and how it is so much easier to get content out to an audience through blogs, social media and other platforms and how it isn’t a job that pays very well for most. In comparisons to the 80s where journalism paid well and it was print based predominantly.

The event drew a decent crowd of roughly 85 people. The audience had the opportunities to ask questions at the end, this helped the audience to be even more immersed. Malcolm Scott the owner of Kardomah94 said he had positive feedback and plans on holding more events similar to this.

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