Wireframes for website layout

This is a digital mock-up of a design layout. This is just an idea for a potential layout for the website this may not resemble the actual layout we go with.  We’re going for, a basic looking site that scrolls through one page with links at the top to take you to certain parts.

At the top of the page before the banner, we have a box for the Purple Avocado logo and the email as the first port of call for the audience. Then the banner has room for a logo which is aimed at this specific subject matter. the thin line represents where we could put the social media buttons. The navigation bar also is placed within the banner. This will allow users to get around the one-page website with ease and not have to scroll.

Below the banner we have the video which was discussed by the group. This will play automatically when viewers come to the page. This could have a piece of text next to it to make the audience aware of the content or what the website is about.

After that we have other content, articles, infographics, photos etc. then the interactive call out buttons which can get the audience involved with a selection of things like the interactive timeline and quiz.

The bottom banner with have links where the audience could link out to other sites to learn more. for instance policies, news outlets, reinforce the social media links and an about section where people could find out who created the website.





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