More logo designs and Ideas

When creating design ideas for the group logo I wanted to create something simple but eye catching. To do this I used the name of the group and a simple purple box. Then though that negative space could help to pull the focus onto the purple. The purple was inverted to white and the avocado to the same colour as the box.


Then because it had a lot of negative space above the letters, I thought about adding an image of an avocado. I wanted to keep it simple again so made it black and white. This was done because there would have been to many colours used for the logo.


I personally don’t like the design above of the avocado, as it makes it look less professional. As we are trying to do the best job as possible. I wanted to explore other images that would be good to use. The idea of using a tree, was a possibility as avocado’s are grown on a tree.


This logo I believe is simple, professional looking and would draw people in. As a group, we need to agree on a design so I will put these forward.


Chelsea Martin.


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