List of Questions for my First person feature

  1. What are your name and occupation? Even though this is clear to me, my readers may not know what the story is about or who he is or what he does.
  2. Could you please tell me a little bit about you? This helps the audience to gain a better insight into who he is. This can help to humanise the piece and make people connect with the story.
  3. So why did you get into sports? and how has it impacted on your life? Just a massage question to get the interview going.  It is not a heavy question and it is something I felt that the interviewee.
I only prepared a few things and had a notebook with key facts about the interviewee, in case I got stuck for conversational points. Also so that I could build points upon what he said. I used both open and closed questions. This was so that I got a variety of responses.
At the end, The last question was ‘Is there anything you would like to add?’ and thanked them for doing the interview.

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