Statement of Intent for First person feature story.

For my feature, I wanted to get behind the mind and dig deeper into the world of a Paralympian. This is because it really is a topic that I have a passion about and it is been a topic which has hit lots of headlines in the last year, because of the Rio paralympic games.

I thought about the angle I wanted to take and who I wanted to interview. In the end, I narrowed down my list to three potential interviewees.

  • Katie Morrow
  • James Roberts
  • Jamie Carter

The angle I struggled with in the end I wanted to do a simple angle of what it was like to be a Paralympian. This, in my opinion, was not creative enough so I conducted research on all three potential interviewees to see if anything about them or their career jumped out as a potential topic.

The best thing I found was that James Roberts retired just before 2016 and that it wasn’t covered to why. This is what I wanted to find out. I contacted him and got access to an interview with himself. I prepared some questions to get me started and did my research so that I could build report when interviewing. This helps to add more depth and build upon things based on facts.

As a journalist, it is important for me to consider the best possible angles of a topic and to conduct the relevant research in the planning stage. Planning help to make everything run smoother and makes sure that I can depict the best possible information in order for me to get the best responses possible.


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