My Second News Production Day

Here is a link to my news story: http://hyperfruit.net/2016/11/poll-cafes-taking-hull/

Poll: Are cafes taking over Hull?

Shoppers have high concerns about Hull being overrun by the number of cafes and coffee establishments in the city centre.

Hull residents have said that they are worried about the future of the local shopping trade as many franchises of café stores are popping up everywhere and this takes up valuable trading units where other shops could go.

Despite the regeneration of Hull city centre, they feel like they have to travel elsewhere to do their shopping, as they believe that Hull doesn’t have enough variety of stores.

Jude Reed, a shop assistant, added: “Hull should focus on getting better shops and should not open any more cafés, there are way too many.”

We have created a map of the different cafes in Hull.

Student Charlotte Green said, “I like Costa and Caffe Nero but it’s sad that they removed the independent shacks outside of St Stephens for another chain store of Nero.”

Mandy Burton, McColls Manager, also showcased what she felt about a number of cafes in Hull.


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