How similar websites are representing data

This website is particularly texted heavy and doesn’t represent data using eye-catching infographics etc. Makes use of videos and buttons for engaging their audience, but the site is highly unengaging and quite boring overall. The content is good and informative, using statistics and facts to back up what they’re saying, but it could be represented in a more engaging and interactive manner.

This is a particularly engaging website that makes effective use of statistics and infographics to get their point across. The website also uses videos and images to engage the reader and has ways in which readers can pledge their support towards the campaign and highlights to the reader how they can report instances of modern day slavery. The website presents its information using differing font families to make the information more visually appealing. The website makes use of a good colour pallet that is visually appealing and consistent throughout, giving a professional feel.

This website is very visually appealing and makes good use of statistics, videos, images and infographics to engage the reader and present the information. The website uses a good colour scheme that matches the purpose of the website. Different font families are used to making the website appealing and less boring which contributes to making the information more hard-hitting and effective. I particularly like the image of the closed doors at the top of the page, highlighting that modern day slavery can be happening behind any closed door.

This is a great website that uses infographics to represent data and figures relating to modern day slavery. Using emotive images and videos, the website has a high impact on the reader and gets its message across well. Using a good colour scheme and differing font families, the website is visually appealing and doesn’t bore the reader on the first site. The website is consistent in its approach too which gives it a professional and uniform feel. The website offers ways that the reader can help in ending modern day slavery which again gives it a greater impact – allowing the reader to not feel totally useless.

Written by Colton Pridgeon and Chelsea Martin


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